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Consent And Preference Management Across The Globe

Once upon a time, consent was almost as simple as “just” managing cookies. Today, organizations are mobilizing to figure out strategies for managing consent across multiple channels, brands, and devices, from phones to smart T

  • SPOKES Privacy Conference | Webinar

Accountable Executives = Accountable Privacy Programs

Scott Taylor, VP Chief Privacy Officer at Merck, and Marty Abrams, Executive Director at the IAF have been exploring for two decades how to implement mature, comprehensive accountability programs. This session will show how it is

  • SPOKES Privacy Conference | Webinar

Customer Loyalty, Privacy & Governance

This panel will examine how to responsibly manage your loyalty program data, from communication preferences and data storage to data sharing and regulatory considerations.

  • SPOKES Privacy Conference | Webinar

Implementing Consent: A Plan For Agencies

Digital agencies often serve as the connective tissue between organizations and technology — which means that as data privacy regulations continue to expand and evolve, agencies need to stay on top of how to responsibly serve th

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Cross-Border Data Transfers: What’s Next

The US and the EU have reached a new framework for cross-border data transfers. Learn what the new agreement means, steps that companies should take, and future expectations.

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Innovating DSAR Fulfillment with Microsoft and WireWheel

Understand how WireWheel's integration with Microsoft Priva enables organizations to automate the search and discovery of structured and unstructured personal data stored in emails, SharePoint sites, and across the Microsoft Suite

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Request for Proposal Template

Selecting a privacy management vendor can be a daunting task. We have compiled an RFP template to help you ask the right questions and make the right choice.

  • Privacy Operations | Privacy Professionals | Guide

90-Day Guide to Developing a Privacy Program

Whether you’re new to your role as a privacy officer, or a seasoned pro switching jobs, this plan will help guide you as you begin to build your privacy program.