Request for Proposal Template

Don’t start your privacy vendor search from scratch.

Jump start your search process by building on our ready-to-send RFP template that includes the key questions any company should ask when evaluating a privacy vendor.

Make sure you’re prepared to ask the right questions

Leverage our template to find the right solutions to fit your privacy operations needs.

DSAR Management

Optimize your DSAR process from intake to processing and fulfillment to delivery, enabling customers to be in control of their data.

Integrate with over 500+ applications and build custom workflows to automate fulfillment and manually review where needed.

Branded Intake Portals
Privacy Policy Management
Receiving & Managing Requests to comply with CCPA, CPRA, CDPA and GDPR
Verification & Authentication
Automated Fulfillment
Secure Delivery

Privacy Program Management

Create Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs), ROPAs, and other reports needed to demonstrate privacy compliance.
Track operational metrics across your privacy program. Share KPIs with leadership and collaborators.

Personal Data Asset Inventory and Discovery
Privacy Assessment Automation for PIAs, DPIAs, HRAs and more
Third-party Vendor Risk Assessment

Consent and Preference

Build privacy-compliant digital experiences. Easily manage consent across multiple jurisdictions through a single interface.

Protect your first-party data by managing consents and preferences in web, mobile, and IoT through a single system.

Website Scanning
Cookie Consent Management
Do-not-sell Requests
Compliance & Consent Frameworks
Integrations & Reporting