SPOKES Privacy Technology Conference Fall 2021

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Privacy Operations Manager

Data Asset Inventory and Data Discovery

Create a data asset inventory and discover where personal data is stored for your organization

Create an inventory of data assets and uncover where personal information is stored. Discover the data stored in the assets that contain personal information.

Manage privacy risk by knowing where your company stores personal data.

Get clear visibility around the assets you need to evaluate

Using automatic scanning of cloud assets, assessments and your company’s internal asset directory, uncover which assets have personal data.

Know what’s high risk and what’s low risk

Use assessments to uncover data categories being stored, where is it stored, who has access to it, how was it obtained, and more.

View the movement of data in your organization

Identify privacy risks that may exist by knowing how and where data moves from asset to asset in your company or from your company.

Create asset inventories using WireWheel. Focus the privacy team on the systems where personal information is stored.

Create a central hub for data asset inventory

Create a centralized asset inventory by automatically scanning cloud assets, running assessments and/or integrating with your company’s internal asset directory. Understand which assets have personally identifiable information.

Discover the Personal Information in each asset

Understand the type personally identifiable information stored in each asset using assessments. Understand how it’s used, who has access to it, how it’s secured and more.

data flows

Map where there are cross-border transfer and where data is being transferred to vendors.

See how your data flows

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