Introducing Our Technical Partners, Consultants and Advisory Firms

WireWheel works with top advisory, privacy, security and data management organizations to accelerate compliance and improve the end-to-end privacy experience for companies and consumers.

Meet Our Partners

Active Navigation

Active Navigation is a recognized industry leader providing unique file analysis software for the discovery, transformation and ongoing control of unstructured data.

Anira Solutions

Anira Solutions, a pioneer in providing digital transformation solutions and helping businesses stay relevant in a highly connected, rapidly evolving world, is partnering with WireWheel as one of WireWheel’s systems integrators.


Anonos helps companies legally process data and adhere to privacy-by-design best practices with pseudonymization and anonymization solutions.

Learn more about our partnership with Anonos.


WireWheel is an APN Advanced Technology Partner and has achieved AWS Security Competency. WireWheel connects to AWS via our API for a rapid scan of S3, EC2, RDS, DynamoDB, Redshift and other services.


BigID’s data discovery platform is capable of finding contextual PI in addition to the uniquely identifiable PII and can look across unstructured, structured, big data, cloud, NoSQL, business applications (SAP, Salesforce, etc.), and mail.


Crownpeak’s Universal Consent Platform (UCP) is the first unified solution engineered to help brands achieve compliance with the notice and consent requirements of global privacy laws.


IDology is a provider of innovative identity solutions and fraud prevention tools for digital environments. WireWheel works with IDology to offer a critical solution for verifying and authenticating the identities of consumers who submit Subject Rights Requests (SRRs).

Learn more about our partnership with IDology.


LiveRamp’s Privacy Manager is a configurable preference and consent management platform (CMP) that enables marketers and publishers to interact with consumers in accordance with data privacy laws.


PrivacyCheq facilitates communication between companies and their customers with web and mobile solutions for transparent notice and consent compliance.

Learn more about our partnership with PrivacyCheq.


Senzing analyzes records to find relationships between individuals, organizations, subjects of interest, and more so that companies understand the scope and depth of personal data they collect and process, and can respond accurately to Data Subject Access Requests.

Learn more about our partnership with Senzing.


Virtru secures data wherever it is created and shared, with security controls including key management, encryption, and access control.

Learn more about our partnership with Virtru.

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WireWheel partners have the benefit of working with the fastest-growing privacy management solution on the market and a team dedicated to solving privacy challenges for you and your customers. Contact us to talk about ways we can collaborate.