WireWheel is a cloud-based Data Privacy & Protection Platform that drives faster and more efficient compliance with global privacy regulations like the GDPR and CCPA.

Why privacy professionals love WireWheel:

Manage a privacy program from a single, secure, easy-to-use platform

WireWheel integrates with your tech stack to automatically discover what you need to really do your job

Save significant cost in managing Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA), Records of Processing (ROP), and Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR).

Why technology leaders love WireWheel:

Stop answering the same privacy questionnaires over and over – enable business units to provide required information directly to the privacy team

Leverage your existing tech stack to move faster – automatically surface data to make compliance easier and cheaper

Empower your legal and privacy team to help – integrate directly into your cloud infrastructure through agentless discovery

Why business and sales leaders love WireWheel:

Accelerate sales cycles – get customers the information they need about privacy compliance quickly and easily

Build trust with your customers – show your company is doing the right thing and earn their trust

Feature trust to your customers – Trust is a differentiator, highlight the investments you’re making in ways that engage.

“We explored a number of privacy solutions and WireWheel was the clear choice.  Its innovative and thoughtful approach to a complex challenge is one that has delivered centralized visibility and game-changing efficiencies at a very competitive price. The central data mapping feature has also delivered some unexpected returns on the investment, making the whole relationship with WireWheel a value driver, not only to our privacy program, but to the business at large.”

Toke Vandervoort
VP, Deputy General Counsel

“We chose WireWheel for its innovative approach and alignment to the strategic priorities we have around privacy. At Blackboard, we are looking to elevate our privacy program to the next level. To support this, there are two elements of Blackboard’s privacy strategy that are critical – the automation of processes such as DPIAs and the enhanced visibility of data flows for us and our clients. We have been nothing but impressed with WireWheel’s capabilities to support these goals and the expertise and experience they add to our team. WireWheel has worked closely with us to understand our vision and requirements and have continued to enhance their solution at an astonishing pace. We highly recommend WireWheel to organizations that want to take their privacy program to the next level.”

Stephan Geering
Global Privacy Officer

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