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Trust, automated at scale

Assure customer data privacy with the powerful, complete software solutions built for the world’s most trustworthy firms.

Trust, assured

Code that automates privacy for the world’s companies and consumers.

Trusted, complete solutions backed by expert support

Quickly achieve CCPA Compliance

Address Do Not Sell, Consent and Preference, and other requirements

Manage a robust privacy program

Leverage a platform that maps to the true challenges of privacy, while efficiently managing PIAs, High Risk Assessments, DPIAs, and ROPA

Offer customers excellent privacy experiences

Reliably and efficiently provide information, respond to data subject requests (DSAR) and operationalize Consent and Preference Management

Integrate privacy into your products and workflows

Build privacy and data protection into your application, and into all phases of your DevOps workflows, systems and processes to realize real, technical privacy-by-design

WireWheel offers the best solutions for achieving compliance quickly (from CCPA to GDPR and LGPD), all while preparing your organization to respond to upcoming privacy standards

A fully integrated, end-to-end platform for privacy.

Trust Access and Consent Center™

Meet your customer’s privacy preferences and handle DSAR

Privacy Rights Request (DSAR)
Consent and Preferences
Privacy Notices and Policy Management

Privacy Operations Manager™

Manage your company's compliance needs from discovery through reporting.

Asset Inventory and Data Discovery
Privacy Assessment Management (PIAs, DPIAs)
Vendor Risk Management
Privacy Incident Management

What Our Customers Have to Say

“WireWheel has worked closely with us to understand our vision and requirements and have continued to enhance their solution at an astonishing pace. We highly recommend WireWheel to organizations that want to take their privacy program to the next level.”

Stephan Geering
Global Privacy Officer, Blackboard

Our technology is recognized as world-class

Our technology and products are award-winning

In representing the United States on data privacy all around the world during the Obama Administration, it was clear that privacy is a fundamental human right, it is a critical trade issue, and it is a bet-the-company issue for almost every company

Justin Antonipillai |  Founder and CEO
Former Acting Under Secretary, U.S. Department of Commerce

For over two decades of studying and developing big data platforms and writing more than 100 research papers, I witnessed how such platforms were making it easy to collect, distribute and analyze data, but hard to trace where it came from, where it was going and how it was being used. We needed a different way to think about privacy in the big data world.

Amol Deshpande |  Co-Founder and Chief Scientist
Professor, University of Maryland

Starting with my days at NASA, I knew that machine learning could really help on tough issues for companies, and I saw that in field after field. When the challenge of privacy hit my radar, I knew that bringing that insight to this fundamentally people- driven problem was critical.

Chris Getner |  Co-founder & Chief Solutions Officer
Former Rocket Scientist

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