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SPOKES Summer 2022

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Day 1 Sessions

Multi-state Legislation: An Operational Readiness Discussion

Wednesday, June 22

Several states have new privacy regulations taking effect in 2023. This discussion will focus on practical and actionable guidance to help companies prepare for and comply with new fragmented data privacy rules.

Justin Antonipillai

Founder and CEO


Lisa Barksdale

Director of Privacy


Tara Jones

Legal Services Senior Manager, Global Privacy


Katie Pimentel

Assistant General Counsel, Global Privacy


Privacy Operations in Practice

Wednesday, June 22

As privacy regulations proliferate, companies are looking at how privacy can become integral in the design of products and systems. Learn from privacy experts the methodologies, tools, and techniques to ensure that your company integrates privacy into its design process.

Sheridan Clemens

Senior Engagement Manager


Melanie Ensign

Founder and CEO


Kelly Peterson Miranda

Business and Regulatory Affairs


Consent and Advertising in 2023

Wednesday, June 22

Building consent into your advertising program is an increasingly important consideration in today’s modern privacy-centric world — whether you’re managing one brand, several brands, or multiple brands and channels, this session will spell out best practices, offer operationalize guidance for upcoming regulations, and discuss trends and myths percolating throughout the industry.

Rick Buck

Chief Privacy Officer


Jennifer Harkins Garone

Sr. Director, North American Brands Privacy Person HIPAA Officer and Information Governance

Carnival Corp/ABG

Michael Hahn

EVP & General Counsel


Gary Kibel


Davis+Gilbert LLP

Keynote Session

Wednesday, June 22

Philip J. Weiser

Attorney General


How to Become a CPO

Wednesday, June 22

Are you considering the path to Chief Privacy Officer? Hear insights from data privacy executives at Ampersand and Stott and May to help you strategize your journey to CPO.

George Ratcliffe

Head of Data Privacy and GRC Search, USA

Stott & May

Stuart Lee

VP and Chief Privacy Officer


Noga Rosenthal

Chief Privacy Officer and General Counsel


A Conversation About AI And High-Risk Processing

Wednesday, June 22

Artificial intelligence is more than a buzzwordy trend — it comes with very nuanced real-world consequences and implications. This session will be an open discussion about how to think about high-risk processing in the context of artificial intelligence, from ethical concerns to practical regulatory considerations.

Lee Matheson

Policy Counsel

Future of Privacy Forum

Jarno Vanto

Partner, Data, Privacy & Security

King & Spalding

Bertram Lee

Sr. Counsel on Data and AI

Future of Privacy Forum

Christina Montgomery

Vice President and Chief Privacy Officer


Preparing for Federal Regulations Coming Down the Pipeline

Wednesday, June 22

It’s no secret that fragmented state-by-state data privacy regulations have put companies in a spin trying to figure out how and where to focus their compliance energies. This panel will focus on where federal data privacy regulations are gaining traction: protecting children’s privacy, and what your organization should keep top of mind.

Cobun Zweifel-Keegan

Managing Director


Jeremy Berkowitz

Privacy and Data Protection Director


Susan Raab

Managing Partner

CDP Institiute

Jessica Rich

Of Counsel

Kelley Drye & Warren LLP

What to Expect in 2023

Wednesday, June 22

It’s one thing to have a pulse on state-by-state privacy legislation; it’s another to actually comply with the patchwork of laws. This session will focus on how you can prepare for these regulations in practice: what each state requires, what it means to actually opt-in and opt-out, and how you can build a connection with your customers.

Justin Antonipillai

Founder and CEO


Michael Hahn

EVP & General Counsel


Sundeep Kapur

Senior Associate

Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP

Crystal Skelton

Senior Corporate Counsel


Consent - Beyond Compliance

Wednesday, June 22

Several state laws require consumers to opt-in and opt-out of targeted marketing. Companies can look at this as a compliance burden or as an opportunity. This panel will discuss how to take these new requirements – along with the deprecation of cookies- and turn it into an opportunity.

Anne Smith

Director, Demand Generation


Arnaud Gouachon

Chief Legal Officer


Kara Larson

Principal Privacy & Compliance Counsel


Day 2 Sessions

Keynote Session

Thursday, June 23

Bruno Gencarelli

Head of Unit International Data Flows and Protection, DG Justice

European Commission

Consent and Preference Management Across the Globe

Thursday, June 23

Once upon a time, consent was almost as simple as “just” managing cookies. Today, organizations are mobilizing to figure out strategies for managing consent across multiple channels, brands, and devices, from phones to smart TVs to connected appliances. This discussion will focus on how companies can use consent as a way to build trust, collect more first-party data, and be confident in their regulatory compliance.

Justin Antonipillai

Founder and CEO


Dona Fraser

Senior VP, Privacy Initiatives,

BBB National Programs

Ruth Boardman


Bird & Bird

Accountable Executives = Accountable Privacy Programs

Thursday, June 23

Regulators from California, France, Australia, and points in between are increasingly requiring organizations to prove their comprehensive privacy programs are operationally effective and aligned with executive governance and accountability. This means corporate controls binding on even the most senior executives, investment across the organization, and real-time performance data.

Scott Taylor, VP Chief Privacy Officer at Merck, and Marty Abrams, Executive Director at the IAF have been exploring for two decades how to implement mature, comprehensive accountability programs. This session will show how it is done.

Martin Abrams

Executive Director and Chief Strategist

Information Accountability

Barb Lawler

Chief Operating Officer & Sr. Strategist

Information Accountability

Scott Taylor

Director, Release Management Services


Customer Loyalty, Privacy & Data Governance

Thursday, June 23

Loyalty programs are the backbone of many companies, but come with a slew of traps, risks, and complexity related to data privacy. This panel will examine how to responsibly manage your loyalty program data, from communication preferences and data storage to data sharing and regulatory considerations.

Mark Milone

Director of Data Strategy


Dave Navetta



Erin Raese

Global SVP Revenue

Annex Cloud

Robert S. Seiner

President & Principal

KIK Consulting & Educational Services

Implementing Consent: A Plan for Agencies

Thursday, June 23

Digital agencies often serve as the connective tissue between organizations and technology — which means that as data privacy regulations continue to expand and evolve, agencies need to stay on top of how to responsibly serve their clients.

John Doyle

President and Founder

Digital Polygon

Arielle Garcia

Chief Privacy Officer

UM Worldwide

Judy Gordon

VP – Marketing


Trishla Ostwal

Tech Policy Reporter


Differential Privacy: Lessons for Enterprises from US Government Agencies

Thursday, June 23

Enterprises trying to keep up with technological advances and a rapidly changing regulatory landscape can learn from their public sector counterparts who have been finding innovative ways to publish data while respecting the privacy of individuals.

This talk will review recent uses of differential privacy in the public sector, based on actual case-studies at the US Census Bureau and the Internal Revenue Service. We will emphasize the tools and processes that enable “negotiations” between the parties most concerned with privacy and those most concerned with accuracy, or “fitness for use”, of the released data. We will explain the benefits that drove the adoption of differential privacy and how they can be translated to commercial enterprises.

Amol Deshpande

Chief Scientist


Claire Bowen

Principal Research Associate and Statistical Methods Group Lead

Urban Institute

Ashwin Machanavajjhala

Founder & Chief Scientist

Tumult Labs, Inc.

Gerome Miklau

CEO and Founder

Tumult Labs, Inc.

How to Think About Buying Privacy Technology

Thursday, June 23

Determining the best privacy technology for your organization can be overwhelming. In this session, privacy experts provide you with the knowledge on what you should consider before making software decisions.

Kevin Donahue

Sr. Director, Privacy Engineering

Ethos Privacy

Andy Dale

General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer


Jeff Mayse

Director of Data Security & Governance


Emily Schwartz

Director of Product Marketing


Closing Session and Privacy Predictions for 2023

Thursday, June 23

Justin Antonipillai

Founder and CEO


Travis LeBlanc



Omer Tene



Gabriela Zanfir-Fortuna

Vice President for Global Privacy

Future of Privacy Forum