Privacy Operations Manager

Privacy Vendor Risk Management

Confirm your partners handle personal data as responsibly as you do


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Do your vendors comply with data privacy laws?

When you collect, combine, transfer, or sell personal information, you’re accountable for making sure every company in your data supply chain has the knowledge and ability to manage data responsibly.

Increase Visibility

Find out what personal data is exchanged with vendors, where they store it and how well they protect it.

Save Time

Automate information collection instead of relying on time-consuming, inconsistent manual processes.

Lower Risk

Make sure vendors can respond to requests to provide, change, delete or stop selling data if requested.

Every step of the vendor assessment process happens within WireWheel’s central, secure portal

Use pre-built templates or use your own vendor surveys

Vendors receive and respond to privacy questionnaires in a secure privacy portal you can stand up in minutes. Tasks can be assigned and reviewed by people who understand the context of data-related processes and systems.

Anyone who deals with third-parties can launch assessments

Technical teams can support privacy-by-design practices by confirming vendor compliance. Product managers can create their own checklists for data-related processes and vendors involved in product development. You’ll have visibility and oversight throughout the workflow.

Document vendor compliance agreements

Require vendors to meet your privacy expectations and take on legal responsibility for acceptable data use. Store and organize all vendor documentation so it can be updated and shared as needed.