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Discover the power of a Universal Preference and Consent Platform, seamlessly designed to connect with Salesforce, and bring simplicity and efficiency to your preference and consent management experience.

No coding required!

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The ability to easily verify identities, including from the major customer identity and access management providers.

The power to collect the specific permissions to enable generative AI experiences personalized to the visitors of a website using Salesforce.

Fully configurable UX experiences around consumer choice that include the Global Privacy Control.

Ultimate Guide to Preference and Consent Management, and the Global Privacy Control

Learn about the various aspects of consumer choice management, including opt-out management, cookies, pixels, scripts, tags, and the role of consent management platforms in today's digital landscape.

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Privacy-centric solutions for your marketing and compliance journey

Collect Privacy Choices

Build customer trust and establish your customers' privacy profiles to help obtain, maintain, and respect consents through your customer lifecycle. Honor Global Privacy Control (GPC).

Centralize, Unify, and Integrate

WireWheel's Universal Preference and Consent Platform (UPCP) integrates with tools like Salesforce to sync, centralize, and unify your customers’ selections.

Built for Privacy Compliance –
Today and Tomorrow

WireWheel’s platform enables you to optimize your marketing program and comply with evolving privacy regulations.