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How AWS and WireWheel Can Speed Compliance

Justin Antonipillai and Trevor Hansen sit down to talk about the shared responsibility model on AWS. They go over Privacy 101 - impact of Privacy shield, GDPR and the new CCPA.

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Minimal Compliance Webinar Replay

Watch now to get privacy experts' advice on the changing privacy landscape and on evolving your privacy program beyond a “minimum viable” solution.

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What Will CPRA Mean to Businesses If It Is Passed in November?

Watch this webinar recording with CCPA's architect, Alastair Mactaggart, to learn how compliance into a competitive advantage that builds trust and brand equity with your customers.

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CPRA/Prop 24 Passes: Learn What to Do Now

Watch this discussion on CPRA and what the future holds for consumers, plus businesses that conduct business with or market to Californians.

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SPOKES Replay: Closing Keynote + Remarks

Watch this SPOKES replay where Alastair Mactaggart shares his thoughts on what CPRA means for businesses, how it compares to GDPR privacy law, and more.

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Women in Privacy: How to Overcome Hurdles

Watch this SPOKES replay where women privacy pros shared personal stories of how they navigated their careers plus advice to viewers on overcoming hurdles.

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Preparing for the CCPA Without Boiling the Data Ocean

Hear from experienced privacy professionals about how you can work efficiently and practically to be in legal compliance with existing state privacy laws.