Universal Preference and Consent Platform

Easily Manage Cookie Consents with WireWheel

Comply with GDPR, CPRA, and other privacy regulations, all while upholding brand confidence using turn-key compliant banner templates.

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Configure Critical Connections

Our platform offers no-code synchronization to consumer identity systems (CIAM), enabling you to easily manage your customers’ preferences across multiple channels and touchpoints.

And, you can connect and sync to your marketing stack with no-code and low-code integrations, ensuring that your marketing campaigns are in line with your customers’ preferences and consent choices.


Maximum Compliance. Minimum Effort.

WireWheel Cookie Consent simplifies consent management.

Ensure compliance with regulations in 50+ countries, save resources, and maintain brand trust with out-of-the-box compliant banner templates backed by WireWheel’s privacy and technical experts.


Gain Compliance. Lose the Legwork. 

WireWheel’s auto-discovery and auto-categorization of site tags minimize the manual effort involved in cookie auditing and inventory management.

Get started quickly by copying a single line of JavaScript to your webpage, significantly reducing the need for the intensive engineering effort usually required for website and mobile app consent management. Be fully implemented with clicks, not code.

WireWheel Makes it Seamless to Manage Cookie Consents

Collect Privacy Choices

Build customer trust and establish your customers' privacy profiles to help obtain, maintain, and respect consents through your customer lifecycle. Honor Global Privacy Control (GPC).

Centralize, Unify, and Integrate

WireWheel's Universal Preference and Consent Platform (UPCP) integrates with tools like Salesforce, Eloqua, and Marketo to sync, centralize, and unify your customers’ selections.

Built for Privacy Compliance – Today and Tomorrow

WireWheel’s platform enables you to optimize your marketing program and comply with evolving privacy regulations.