SPOKES Virtual Privacy Conference Winter 2022

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SPOKES Privacy Conference Summer 2021

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Day 1 Sessions – Tuesday, June 29

30-Minute Thinkubator: Return to Office Well-being Strategies

Even good change can be challenging! Join the Spokes community as we take a few minutes to pause and discuss how to support ourselves and our colleagues as we re-enter the office and move through yet another transition in an already challenging year.


Technical Briefing: Synthetic Data

Regulation, cost and other factors can at times impede the great many societal and organizational benefits of sharing data. Data synthesis is rapidly emerging as a solution and the future of data sharing within and across borders.


Welcome to SPOKES 2021

A conversation with Simon McDougall, the Executive Director for Technology Policy and Innovation of the ICO (the UK’s data privacy and information rights authority), on frameworks for ethical use of data in AI and other emerging technologies, as well as on developments around international data transfer negotiations and the UK’s moves on regulating AdTech.


Privacy Leaders Panel: Key Topics in Privacy Leadership Today

National privacy leaders discuss domestic privacy concerns, privacy consumer experience, the next wave of privacy regulations and advice for privacy teams addressing them.


Not Sci-Fi: Privacy and Ethical Implications of Brain-Computer Interfaces

This session will describe the current landscape of brain-control interfaces (BCIs), how it intersects with AR, VR, and other emerging technology, key use cases, benefits, and privacy and ethical risks posed by the technology.


Dark Patterns and Privacy By Design: A Delicate Balancing Act

‘Dark Patterns’ are ways in which websites and mobile apps trick consumers into doing something they don’t necessarily want to do. Learn how privacy officers have worked with company teams on how to approach dark patterns.


Vaccine Passports: Case Studies, Technologies, and Policy Considerations

A discussion of national and international approaches to “vaccine passports,” along with perspectives on privacy concerns as technology is adopted, and how the privacy debate shifts as the world gets back to a ‘new normal’.


National Security and Privacy: Recent Developments and Emerging Challenges

In this session, our experts will talk about current national security events, data collection, and how National Security and Intelligence Agencies can collaborate with the privacy sector to balance security, privacy, and the basic human rights of the people they are serving.


Day 2 Sessions – Wednesday, June 30

Information Accountability Framework

Why the Principles for Fair Processing and Accountability provide a forward-looking framework for U.S. Federal Privacy legislation, coupled with a risk-centered approach will build trust in the broader digital ecosystems. A risk-centered approach to fair data processing, necessary to achieve shared goals for beneficial innovation, trust and fairness, bases decisions on the likelihood and the severity of harm and the degree of benefit to people, groups of people, society and organizations if data are processed or not processed.


Welcome to Day 2 and Keynote

Alastair Mactaggart, the founder of Californians for Consumer Privacy (the originating force behind CPRA) shares his observations since the passage of CPRA, along with national privacy legislative developments.


Privacy and Marketing: Strategies for the Cookieless Future

A perspective and guidance from a leading analyst on the intersection of marketing and privacy, as privacy regulations prompt shifts in marketing and advertising technology’s reach, and marketing professionals’ recommended approach.


NFTs: The Privacy Angle

NFTs are the next generation of information transfer and data will be dictating the relevance and the value of the tokens. Privacy will increasingly play a role.


Engineering Privacy at Scale

Views on maturity of visions for privacy management, and associated technology and infrastructure to achieve leaders’ standards.


Preparing for CPRA and CDPA and other Emerging State Privacy Laws

Enforcement of CPRA, CDPA and other state laws start in 2023. What should organizations do now, to prepare for 2023 and beyond?


VC Investments in the Privacy Space: A View of the Present and Future Opportunity

Observations from VC investors in the privacy space on trends and opportunities for the sector.


Closing Remarks

Bruno Gencarelli, head of the International data flows and protection unit for the European Commission discusses the Commission’s current agenda in the areas of data protection and legislative developments with respect to EU-US negotiations.