WireWheel + Google Tag Manager

The combination of Google Tag Manager (GTM) and WireWheel allows companies to collect data on user behavior while also giving users greater control over their data privacy preferences. With WireWheel’s library of 550+ connectors, businesses can seamlessly tie into Universal Preferences & Consent Platforms in an instant – no coding required!

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Easily Enforce Ethical Third-Party AND 
First-Party Data Sharing

WireWheel is designed to ensure full-stack compliance for both first-party and third-party data, giving you peace of mind knowing that you’re meeting all regulatory requirements.

Configure Critical Connections Without Code

Our platform offers no-code synchronization to consumer identity systems (CIAM), enabling you to easily manage your customers’ preferences across multiple channels and touchpoints.

And, you can connect and sync to Google Tag Manager and other marketing tools with no-code and low-code integrations, ensuring that your marketing campaigns are in line with your customers’ preferences and consent choices.

Create Great, Fast Consumer Choice Experiences On Your Website, in Your Mobile App, or Web App

Our platform is built for speed, with a no-code approach that allows you to deploy and manage it quickly without relying on developers.

Collect Privacy Choices

Build customer trust and establish your customers' privacy profiles to help obtain, maintain, and respect consents through your customer lifecycle. Honor Global Privacy Control (GPC).

Centralize, Unify, and Integrate

WireWheel's Universal Preference and Consent Platform (UPCP) integrates with tools like Google Tag Manager to sync, centralize, and unify your customers’ selections.

Built for Privacy Compliance –
Today and Tomorrow

WireWheel’s platform enables you to optimize your marketing program and comply with evolving privacy regulations.