Privacy Program Management Platform

Privacy Operations Manager

Get full control over your privacy program

Check Privacy Maturity

With so many assessments in flight, Privacy Officers can sometimes be challenged to know where they should focus to get assessments completed.

WireWheel offers a complete solution to manage your Privacy Program efficiently and effectively

Asset inventory and data discovery

Create an asset inventory. Know which assets store personal data.


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Privacy assessment management

Leverage standard templates and ease the burden on your business owners. Track, monitor and report on assessment outcome.


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Vendor assessment management

Leverage standard templates and ease the burden on your vendors. Track, monitor and report on assessment outcome.


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Privacy incident management

Easily report. Manage follow-up and remediation.


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Privacy Operations Manager packages

Increasing privacy maturity and complexity


Standard assessment templates, assessment automation and routing, reports, assessment self-service portal


Essentials package plus integrations, customizations and reporting to help you run your smaller program


Pro package plus the customizations you need to run your complex privacy program

Scale your processes, save time, keep watch and manage compliance – all with WireWheel’s support and expertise.

Launch and grow your privacy program

Deploy and manage assessments including Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) to get visibility into your privacy operations

Resolve complexity and manage compliance

Gain visibility over your privacy program, prioritize risk and task remediation

Enable privacy-by-design

Empower your organization’s teams to build privacy into products and processes from the start

The WireWheel Privacy Operations Manager Dashboard lets the privacy team quickly view the progress of assessments, including:

In Progress Tasks

In Progress Tasks

Completed Tasks

Completed Tasks

Overdue Tasks

Overdue Tasks

Stop managing your privacy program with spreadsheets and emails and get ready to comply with CPRA, GDPR and other regulations.

In Progress Tasks
In Progress Tasks

  • The number of assessments (or assignments) that are in progress and the type of assessments/ assignments that are currently active
  • Which assessments are due soon, which are overdue, and the average time to completion
  • The assessment status by template type to understand which templates aren’t getting completed in a timely manner. For example, are PIAs, DPIAs or Vendor Assessments taking the most time to complete?
  • A list of the assessments by age

Completed Tasks
Completed Tasks


Privacy Officers can also use the dashboard to analyze completed assessments, the templates that were used, and how many assessments have been completed by subsets of the organization. They can quickly view the cumulative assessments initiated vs completed assessments by month.

Overdue Tasks
Overdue Tasks

Want to get more information about overdue assessments? View by age and click through to the assessment to get more information.

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With Privacy Operations Manager, Make Privacy an Integral Part of Your Business Process

Automate solutions to daily privacy challenges with our simple-to-use and configurable platform, enabling collaboration by distributed teams.

Deploy and Manage Assessments

Gather the right information from the right people, and systems for complete privacy management and prepare to comply with CPRA and other privacy regulations.

Produce Required Privacy Documentation

Create assessments, RoPAs, and other reports that can be viewed and downloaded from within a browser. Share reports with customers, partners and regulators to demonstrate privacy oversight and compliance.

Manage Third Party and Vendor Risk

Understand what sensitive data information is being shared with third parties and how they are managing it.

Identify High-Risk Data Stores and Processes

Find which systems hold personal and sensitive data. See which data flows cross geographic borders and need extra oversight. Flag systems that aren’t encrypted to close security gaps. Apply risk scores and use these to trigger notifications and actions.

Measure, Report and Prioritize Risk

Understand risk prioritization. Set parameters to trigger notifications, reviews or remediation. Easily create reports, including ROPAs, for internal teams, partners and auditors.

500+ Low Code Integrations

Connectors, adapters, and apps that enable low code integration with your company’s applications.