Privacy Operations Manager

WireWheel’s Privacy Operations Platform Drives:

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Deploy and Manage Assessments

Gather the right information from the right people, and systems for complete privacy management and prepare to comply with CPRA and other privacy regulations.

Produce Required Privacy Documentation

Create assessments, RoPAs, and other reports that can be viewed and downloaded from within a browser. Share reports with customers, partners and regulators to demonstrate privacy oversight and compliance.

Manage Third-Party and Vendor Risk

Understand what sensitive data information is being shared with third parties and how they are managing it.

Identify High-Risk Data Stores and Processes

Find which systems hold personal and sensitive data. See which data flows cross geographic borders and need extra oversight. Flag systems that aren’t encrypted to close security gaps. Apply risk scores and use these to trigger notifications and actions.

Measure, Report and Prioritize Risk

Understand risk prioritization. Set parameters to trigger notifications, reviews or remediation. Easily create reports, including ROPAs, for internal teams, partners and auditors.

Automate Asset Inventories, High-Risk Assessments, Privacy Impact Assessments, Data Protection Impact Assessments

At WireWheel, we offer a Privacy Operations Platform that simplifies the process and enables you to manage privacy compliance documentation with ease.

Asset inventory & data discovery

Create a data asset inventory and discover where personal data is stored for your organization.

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Privacy Incident Management

Easily allow employees to report on privacy incidents so that you can trigger a follow-up and plan a data breach response.

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Privacy Vendor Risk Management

Confirm your partners handle personal data as responsibly as you do.

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Integrate ‘Do Not Sell’ into your applications

With WW integration tools, build ‘Do Not Sell’ and other privacy applications directly into any application.

WireWheel offers an integration into Microsoft Priva and over 500 low-code adapters including:

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