Trust Access and Consent Center

Privacy Rights Request (DSAR) Management

Efficiently manage Privacy Rights Requests (DSARs) from intake to processing to fulfillment to delivery

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93% of Consumers Want the Right to Delete Personal Data

Deliver DSARs securely and efficiently. Leverage existing systems and processes if you have them.









Manage requests including CCPA, GDPR, CPRA, CDPA, CPA and more – all with WireWheel’s support and expertise.

DSAR intake form

Intake form

With the WireWheel Trust Access and Consent Center, consumers can have an end-to-end branded experience.

Out-of-the-box, WireWheel offers a WCAG compliant solution where you can add your company’s branding, choose the consumer rights requests required in the jurisdictions where you do business, and allow consumers to opt-out of the sale of personal information collected on their browser.

WireWheel also offers a multi-lingual intake form option.

Branded Trust Center

Choose the customer rights requests required in the jurisdictions where you do business. Customize:

  • Banner image
  • Brand color
  • Brand logo

  • Favicon
  • Text

We also offer an option for multi-language intake forms.

Verification options

Once a consumer enters their information, companies can offer multiple ways to verify that the person making the request is who they claim to be so authorized agents can attest that they have permission to make the request. WireWheel offers integrated verification options including:

  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Affidavit

  • ID verification
  • Knowledge-Based Verification

Choose the option that works best for your needs and your customers’ needs.

Process and monitor requests and opt-outs

Manage your company’s requests on a simple dashboard that shows all of the DSAR requests organized by status including new, active, failed, abandoned and fulfilled.

Manage the sequence of how you fulfill requests. For example, if a consumer selects to access and delete their data, you will be able to see the consumer has asked for both and give them access to their data first before deleting it.

Metrics and dashboards

WireWheel also gives you the information you need to better monitor your program including:

  • How many DSAR requests have you received?
  • How many requests were abandoned and/or failed?
  • How many of each type of DSAR requests have you received?

Most large enterprises have a reporting tool such as Tableau or PowerBI. WireWheel offers a reporting API that can be used to create reports in your company’s preferred reporting platform.

Optimize your fulfillment process

WireWheel makes it easy for companies to fulfill requests the way you want to fulfill them.

Optimized workflows to fulfill requests

You can design manual or automated workflows based on the type of request, jurisdiction, language, or any other criteria. Want to manage Spanish requests differently from those in English? Want to handle requests from California and Virginia differently from requests from the rest of the United States?

It’s easy to configure the setup and change the routing in WireWheel.

Automate data retrieval

With an integration to Microsoft Priva and over 550 low code integrations, WireWheel can integrate into most of the standard systems that hold personal information at your company using point-and-click recipes that you can implement on your own or with the help of the WireWheel Professional Services Team.

Have a non-standard system? WireWheel can leverage APIs or design a connector to work with proprietary systems.

Even when implementing automated retrieval, companies often require a human touch or review. WireWheel can be configured to add that human touch at any point along the way, at any point.

Securely deliver your results to your consumer

Once results for the request have been completed. Customers will receive a branded, customized email and will be able to access their results on a branded, secure portal that they can view on their computer or on their mobile phone. Consumers can access the portal using an email address or a one time access code.

Configure the amount of time the report will be able for consumers to download and view to ensure security and data hygiene.

WireWheel Trust Access and Consent Center Product Packages

Increasing customization, integrations and support


Web intake portal
Requester verification
Fulfillment status monitoring
Configurable fulfillment workflows
Branded secure delivery portal


Essentials package plus:
Upgraded intake portal and access to integrations for SSO
Automated fulfillment


Pro package plus the customizations required to meet your business needs

"We knew we needed to get (a platform) that would be able to help us intake requests, administer them, and respond to the requests and we had to do it pretty quickly."

Doug Rentz Project Manager and Consultant Aflac

Understand key similarities and differences across global privacy regulations with our Privacy Law table


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With WireWheel’s Trust Access and Consent Center, DSAR Management is secure, efficient and trusted

Let Your Brand Assure Customers

Serve your customers via a portal, custom branded by you, to manage their privacy rights and cookie preferences

Verify Identity, and Protect Customer’s Data

Ensure requesters are who they say they are, prior to sharing data

Create and Deploy Fulfillment Workflows

Create custom workflows to fulfill rights requests

Securely Share Results with Consumers

Use a secure portal to deliver results to consumers

Automate Fulfillment

Integrate with company applications to reduce the costs to fulfill requests

Analyze and Report

Measure and report on your success