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Trust Access and Consent Center

Privacy Rights Request (DSAR) Management

Efficiently manage Privacy Rights Requests (DSARs) from intake to processing to fulfillment to delivery

WireWheel Trust Access and Consent Center Product Packages

Increasing customization, integrations and support 


  • Web intake portal
  • Requester verification
  • Fulfillment status monitoring
  • Configurable fulfillment workflows
  • Branded secure delivery portal


Essentials package plus:

  • Upgraded intake portal and access to integrations for SSO
  • Reporting
  • Automated fulfillment


Pro package plus the customizations required to meet your business needs

“We knew we need to get (a platform) that would be able to intake requests, administer them, and respond to the requests and we had to do it pretty quickly.”

Doug Rentz,
Project Manager and Consultant

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WireWheel Privacy Policy

Easily manage and fulfill Privacy Rights Requests


With WireWheel’s Trust Access and Consent Center, DSAR Management is secure, efficient and trusted

Build Privacy Protection Right Into Your Product

WireWheel makes it easy for engineers to integrate with data stores, SaaS platforms and other systems to fully automate privacy solutions

Fulfilling Consumer DSAR Requests can be expensive, time-consuming and risky.

Use Our “Privacy Studio” To Build Customer Privacy Centers and DSAR Portals

Even non-technical folks can create beautiful interactive privacy centers and DSAR forms.

Build “Trust Centers” to Convey “Just in Time” and Easy to Understand Privacy Notices

Use our Trust Center templates or easily embed DSAR forms into your existing privacy pages.

Automate Ticketing, Collection, Review and Delivery Workflows In a Matter of Hours

Use our templates to get going quickly, assign owners, and add due dates.

Automate DSAR Reporting, Audit Trails, and Dashboards

Automate your CCPA, GDPR and privacy compliance reporting using our configurable reporting tools.

Start To Receive and Process DSAR Requests

Automatically Verify and Authenticate All DSAR Requests

Verify and authenticate requests based on existing information, email or affidavits or check government IDs, knowledge-based questions, and even live “selfies”.

Automate Collection of Personal Information

Use automated workflows to collect or delete data, with built-in deadlines and tracking of requests.

Use Integrations to Retrieve Data

Integrate with your systems to automatically collect all the necessary personal data from connected systems. You can even automate deletion requests.

Review and Take Action

Get notified when requests are ready (or running late), review requests for accuracy then let our orchestration engine share results or handle deletion tasks if necessary.

Securely Share Results with Consumers

Send requestors to a secure, encrypted portal so they can quickly access their information and see that you’ve honored their request.

Analyze and Report

Generate reports to analyze program performance and keep a close eye on important metrics. Keep an immutable audit log of all requests, actions, and timelines to share with regulators.

Solutions for any stage of your privacy journey

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