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Privacy and Data Governance: The Key to Unlocking Privacy At Scale

For over two decades, data governance leaders have wrestled with many of the same problems privacy officers face today: how do we build processes to control the way data is used in our organizations?

Dave Cohen

Host Knowledge Manager


Justin Antonipillai



Sameer Ansari

Managing Director of Cyber Risk


Lynne Bird

Privacy Program Owner

Microsoft Digital

Many of the tools developed by data governance and management teams provide a critical foundation on which privacy officers can shift from a manual and reactive approach to a programmatic and automated model that can operate at scale. The challenge for privacy and governance officers is whether they can work together to build a platform – which includes the people, processes, and tech – on which both can thrive.

Join us for a conversation with Justin Antonipillai, CEO, WireWheel; Sameer Ansari, Managing Director; Cyber Risk, Deloitte; and Lynne Bird, Privacy Program Owner, Microsoft Digital, as they talk about building alliances between privacy and governance and investing in the technology needed to enable privacy at scale. They will not only share best-practices on ways organizations can work together but dig deep on how privacy officers and governance leaders can co-develop key platforms from data discovery and inventories to master and metadata management platforms.