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SPOKES Replay: Welcome to Spokes + Keynote

Watch this SPOKES replay where the European Commission’s Head of International Data Transfers, Bruno Gencarelli, discusses some of the most important data protection developments in Europe, and around the world.

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IAPP Webinar: Marketing Technology 101 for Privacy Officers

Learn how privacy and marketing should collaborate to achieve the right martech stack for your organization, as well as the benefits of building trust in this webinar replay.

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Welcome to SPOKES 2021

Watch this session to learn more about the role of the ICO during the pandemic and about its engagement with companies of all sizes on privacy compliance.

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Day of Decision Reactions to Schrems II

Catch up on this LinkedIn Live session with the head negotiators of Privacy Shield, Justin Antonipillai, and Ralf Sauer, along with Bob Litt, Dan Solove, and Gabriela Zanfir-Fortuna as they provided their initial reactions to the

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Rise of the Privacy Operations Leader

Privacy operations experts share lessons learned from building and managing privacy operations practices and what they believe makes a privacy operations team succeed.

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SPOKES Replay – Closing Remarks

Bruno Gencarelli from the EU commission talks with Justin Antonipillai about the new SCCs, the adequacy decisions, and a future deal between the US and EU.

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Welcome to Day 2 and Keynote

Watch Alastair Mactaggart, the driving force behind CCPA, shares his thoughts on the current state privacy laws as well as on the future of privacy.

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Privacy Technology Implementation: Lessons Learned

Hear firsthand how tech leaders began looking for a privacy solution and why they bought it versus building it themselves in this webinar replay.

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SPOKES Replay: Privacy Tech Leaders Panel

This group of privacy tech leaders will share their thoughts on tech policy, the next issues in privacy, and their insights about what is coming next.