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Top 5 Reasons Marketers Need to Implement Consent Management

Learn about the various aspects of consumer choice management, including opt-out management, cookies, pixels, scripts, tags, and the role of consent management platforms in today's digital landscape.

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Everything You Need to Know About Consent Management

Get the consent management white paper by the privacy experts at WireWheel. Learn the ins and outs of managing consent in the digital information age.

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Age Appropriate Design Code

This panel will discuss the regulations and guidelines that are in place to ensure that products, services, and online content are designed in a way that is appropriate for different age groups.

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Enforcement Under CCPA

Join our outstanding expert panel, including the lawyer who represented Sephora in this matter, to discuss these recently enforcement actions under CCPA, and where enforcement is likely to move next.

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Resurrecting A Risk Based Approach To Privacy

A risk-based approach was an innovation promised by policymakers. Yet privacy regulators and courts ​often discount ​risk analysis ​that is not directly tied to individual autonomy, transparency, or the ability to exercise d

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XR In The Wild West World: Privacy For Immersive Tech

Panelists will discuss the current state of privacy regulations for immersive technology, and offer insights on best practices for protecting user data and ensuring that individuals have control over their personal information.

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Advertising Leaders Roundtable

Discussion and insights on how the advertising industry can prepare for and adapt to the changes brought about by the CPRA.

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The IAB’s GPP and MSPA will discuss the efforts to promote privacy and transparency in the digital advertising industry.