• SPOKES Privacy Conference | Webinar

Privacy Predictions For 2023

This panel will provide a forward-looking perspective on the state of privacy, and offer insights on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

  • Data Privacy Regulations | DSAR | Webinar

Are You Ready For CPRA?

Join us as Rick Buck, Chief Privacy Officer discusses the upcoming CPRA Regulation, how it may affect your organization, and how you can comply with it.

  • SPOKES Privacy Conference | Webinar

Multi-State Legislation: An Operational Readiness Discussion

Several states have new privacy regulations taking effect in 2023. This discussion will focus on practical and actionable guidance to help companies prepare for and comply with new fragmented data privacy rules.

  • SPOKES Privacy Conference | Webinar

Privacy Operations In Practice

As privacy regulations proliferate, companies are looking at how privacy can become integral in the design of products and systems. Learn from privacy experts the methodologies, tools, and techniques to ensure that your company in

  • SPOKES Privacy Conference | Webinar

Consent And Advertising In 2023

Building consent into your advertising program is an increasingly important consideration in today’s modern privacy-centric world — whether you’re managing one brand, several brands, or multiple brands and channels, this ses

  • SPOKES Privacy Conference | Webinar

How To Become A CPO

Are you considering the path to Chief Privacy Officer? Hear insights from data privacy executives at Ampersand and Stott and May to help you strategize your journey to CPO.

  • SPOKES Privacy Conference | Webinar

A Conversation About AI And High-Risk Processing

Artificial intelligence is more than a buzzwordy trend — it comes with very nuanced real-world consequences and implications. This session will be an open discussion about how to think about high-risk processing in the context o

  • SPOKES Privacy Conference | Webinar

Preparing For Federal Regulations Coming Down The Pipeline

It’s no secret that fragemented state-by-state data privacy regulations have put companies in a spin trying to figure out how and where to focus their compliance energies. This panel will focus on where federal data privacy regu

  • SPOKES Privacy Conference | Webinar

What To Expect In 2023

It’s one thing to have a pulse on state-by-state privacy legislation; it’s another to actually comply with the patchwork of laws. This session will focus on how you can prepare for these regulations in practice: what each stat

  • SPOKES Privacy Conference | Webinar

Consent – Beyond Compliance

Several state laws require consumers to opt-in and opt-out of targeted marketing. Companies can look at this as a compliance burden or as an opportunity. This panel will discuss how to take these new requirements – along with th