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What Behavioral Economics Can Teach Privacy Officers

Behavioral economics has studied why people ignore risk. This panel will share what organizations can do to get people to take the small steps necessary to avoid threats in the future.

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Practical Steps to Implementing Privacy Engineering

Privacy is integral in the design of products and systems. Learn tools and techniques to ensure that your company integrates privacy into its design process.

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Scaling Data Rights

The Digital Lab at Consumer Reports shares work on a “Data Rights Protocol” (DRP) that seeks to standardize the technical interchange of data rights requests.

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Closing Remarks and Predictions for 2022

Justin Antonipillai, CEO and founder of WireWheel, and a panel of privacy experts share their predictions for what changes we may see in the world of privacy in 2022.

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Privacy Law Comparison

See the key comparisons and differences between CCPA, CDPA, CPA, and GDPR privacy laws in this downloadable infographic.

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Technical Briefing: Synthetic Data

Synthetic data offers great potential benefits but also poses some privacy concerns. Watch this panel to learn more.

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DSAR Activity in the US

DSAR metrics have been published by large organizations as a reporting requirement under CCPA. Understand DSAR trends and benchmark your organization.

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BBB Case Study

See how BBB National Programs uses WireWheel to deliver a privacy certification service to improve vendor data privacy and security accountability.

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Academy of Art University Case Study

Learn how the Academy of Art University partnered with WireWheel to create a secure and automated DSAR process for CCPA compliance.

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The Ultimate Guide to California’s Data Privacy Law

This eBook offers a comprehensive overview of The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) – the core components of CCPA, the key differences between CCPA and GDPR, as well as the key steps you should take to get started and ensur