Free, SPOKES Privacy Virtual Conference June 22 and 23



  • SPOKES Privacy Conference

SPOKES Replay – 30-Minute Thinkubator

Watch these policy leaders discuss the need for companies to put democracy and individual rights at the center of the digital revolution in this SPOKES replay.

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To Build or To Buy

Our guide to help you architect an efficient, secure Subject Rights Request process. Find practical advice to adopt and common pitfalls to avoid.

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How AWS and WireWheel Can Speed Compliance

Justin Antonipillai and Trevor Hansen sit down to talk about the shared responsibility model on AWS. They go over Privacy 101 - impact of Privacy shield, GDPR and the new CCPA.

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Minimal Compliance Webinar Replay

Watch now to get privacy experts' advice on the changing privacy landscape and on evolving your privacy program beyond a “minimum viable” solution.

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What Will CPRA Mean to Businesses If It Is Passed in November?

Watch this webinar recording with CCPA's architect, Alastair Mactaggart, to learn how compliance into a competitive advantage that builds trust and brand equity with your customers.

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CPRA/Prop 24 Passes: Learn What to Do Now

Watch this discussion on CPRA and what the future holds for consumers, plus businesses that conduct business with or market to Californians.