Free CCPA/CPRA Compliance Training

What You Need to Know About CCPA and CPRA

Earn IAPP CPE credit and a CCPA/CPRA certificate

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Doing business in California? Buying, selling, or sharing consumer data?

Take this free CCPA compliance training which will help anyone who is responsible for complying with the law, honoring subject requests, updating your privacy pages, designing products, building apps, and websites that collect data, and using personal data for marketing purposes.


This 30-minute course covers the general compliance obligations under CCPA:

  1. Definition of personal information
  2. Consumer Rights
    • Access
    • Knowledge
    • Consent
    • Equality
    • Deletion (also known as the right to be forgotten)
    • Private right of action
  3. Communication with consumers
  4. Privacy policy guidelines
  5. Penalties for non-compliance
  6. Planning ahead for CPRA

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