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Understanding Privacy Program Reporting

Privacy programs rely on reports to demonstrate compliance and to monitor the status of their program. The WireWheel platform offers several reports for programs to use to monitor Data Subject Access Requests and privacy operations.

Effective and Ethical Use of Scripts, Tags, and Cookies

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Personalization, ChatGPT, and Privacy

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The Intersection of Generative AI, Data Privacy, and GDPR

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Evaluate Your Website's Privacy in Real-Time

Discover website privacy risks in less than a minute with the WireWheel Scanner. Our scanner checks for ad trackers, third-party cookies, stealthy tracking techniques, session-monitoring scripts, keystroke capturing, and Facebook data sharing. Get comprehensive results fast and take control of your online privacy today.

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WireWheel's Privacy Solutions –
Tailored to Specific Needs

Universal Preference & Consent Platform

Customer Choices, Preferences, & Consents

Manage opt-outs and opt-ins across brands and channels and market ethically.

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Trust Access Center

DSAR Automation & Fulfillment

Efficiently manage Privacy Rights Requests (DSARs) and privacy policies.

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Privacy Operations Manager

Privacy Operations

Saves your time on privacy risk assessments to streamline PIAs, DPIAs, HRAs, and more.

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Ultimate Guide to

Preference and Consent Management, and the Global Privacy Control

Learn about the various aspects of consumer choice management, including opt-out management, cookies, pixels, scripts, tags, and the role of consent management platforms in today’s digital landscape.

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Thought Leadership From Our SPOKES Community

Through the SPOKES privacy sessions, WireWheel brings together privacy professionals, thought leaders, and industry experts from various sectors to foster a vibrant community focused on advancing privacy practices. These sessions serve as a vital forum for sharing insights, best practices, and emerging trends in the ever-evolving landscape of data protection.

Healthcare Enforcement

Insights into the recent fines from the Federal Trade Commission to health-tech companies for their handling of sensitive health information.

Privacy Operations in Practice

As privacy regulations proliferate, companies are looking at how privacy can become integral in the design of products and systems.

Resurrecting A Risk Based Approach To Privacy

A risk-based approach was an innovation promised by policymakers. Yet privacy regulators and courts ​often discount this method.

Solutions for any stage of your privacy journey