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Benefits of Managed Privacy Services


Rick Buck Chief Privacy Officer

Consumers want to do business with organizations and companies they trust. With data privacy being a prevalent subject in the global news sphere, people worry about who has their information and how it can be exploited.

One way companies can alleviate their customers’ concerns is to form and implement programs that ensure compliance with consumer expectations and data privacy legislation. Fortunately, more organizations are increasing their data privacy practices to gain consumer trust. The 2021 Annual Privacy Governance Report published by the International Association of Privacy Professionals and EY found that 45% of surveyed organizations plan to hire one or two privacy professionals.

Taking action now can prevent future breaches, increase compliance, and enhance brand reputation. However, not every organization has the resources to start, update, or maintain its data privacy programs. It takes time, training, and competence to plan and execute a program. Some businesses forgo securing their customers’ information to keep their profit margins within reach. This risky practice can backfire.

Managed privacy services like the ones offered by WireWheel are designed to support struggling programs. Companies initiating or already running routine operations can come to appreciate the benefits of managed privacy services.


What Are Managed Privacy Services?

Managed privacy services streamline and optimize data privacy programs. They are cost-effective options that can replace or support untrained staff. The best services also keep organizations compliant with new and changing regulations.

Removing uncertainty and increasing efficiency can facilitate the running of privacy programs, no matter how robust they are. Companies that do not have to focus on managing their programs can instead spend their time improving their businesses in other ways.


What Are Some Challenges of Data Privacy Programs?

When data privacy programs are running at peak efficiency, companies can rest easy knowing their customers’ information is securely being used for the intended and approved purposes under which it was collected.


What would create a weak data privacy program?

Limited resources

Time and money are two of the most valuable commodities. Companies usually do not want to waste either – if they can spare them in the first place. Prioritizing other aspects of business over data privacy because of expenses can doom a program.

Employing experts takes time and costs money. Setting up a suitable infrastructure requires a notable investment. It is critical that organizations dedicate the resources necessary to develop a sound privacy program. Taking shortcuts due to limited resources might result in a lackluster program that can do more harm than good.

Evolving regulations

Data privacy has grown to be a major concern in recent years. Governmental entities have been forced to catch up with technology. As they scramble to set guidelines that give consumers better control of their private data, new regulations are continuously being planned and enacted. Current ones sometimes see changes. For a data privacy program to successfully function, constant compliance is mandatory.

Many companies can not keep up with all of the changes while some do not even try. Without assistance, these organizations fall further behind and take a back seat to competitors that have employed managed privacy services.

Insufficient expertise

Privacy professionals must help ensure that companies collect only the personal data that they need for the disclosed and specific purpose.  They have to help manage and categorize the data for its intended collection, use and deletion at the end of its life cycle. In doing this your exposure should there be a breach is minimized. They need to know how to ask the right questions without


What Are Some Benefits of Managed Privacy Services?

Privacy programs in any stage of operation can benefit from a managed solution. By offloading a bulk of the heavy lifting and complex operations that come with running an effective privacy program, organizations can reduce the number of hassles they deal with every day. They don’t have to stress about high overhead, and tarnished reputations.

What are some major benefits of managed privacy services?

Low impact on resources

Companies don’t have to hire more staff and pay to train them if they supplement their privacy program with outside resources. Building your own data privacy program is ideal if you want the largest amount of control and oversight to your privacy operations, but that can take a lot of time and resources to get there. The benefit of managed privacy services comes with adopting an already-built framework with processes that have been optimized, along with the expertise of a team to ensure that your privacy program is on track.

Access to experts

Experts with years of experience can support a program better than a team put together at the last second at a cut-rate price. Experience can be just as valuable as time and money.  Companies can be confident their programs are in capable hands if they use technology that is backed by privacy authorities.

Quicker compliance

Technology and expert advice can accelerate compliance. Companies can automate their compliance using configurable tools. Leveraging automation can not only cut time but reduce risk since the technology is strengthened by industry expertise.


Another advantage of leveraging a platform to meet privacy challenges is that it will most likely not require an overhaul of existing processes. Choosing a service that supplements what is already in place can make a noticeable difference and eliminate the fear of something new taking over.

Excellent customer privacy experiences

Any organization that fulfills consumer data requests, collects consent preferences, and displays privacy notices should do so clearly and promptly. Consumers can feel better knowing the company they’re doing business with cares about their needs.


Are Managed Privacy Services Worth the Investment?

A complete solution like WireWheel’s Managed Services can run a privacy program efficiently and effectively. Companies of any size can automate and scale privacy to stay up-to-date with modern standards and demands.

Rick Buck is the WireWheel Chief Privacy Officer and acts as a Privacy Advisor to WireWheel clients, helping them with the implementation and optimization of their privacy programs. Over the past 20 years, Rick has…