Activate and grow your privacy program with WireWheel’s Privacy Operations Managed Services

WireWheel’s privacy compliance software and managed services packages work with your needs, your technology, and your timelines. We help you to activate privacy stewardship across your business.

Running a privacy program is challenging:

Evolving regulations increase complexity and uncertainty

Small budgets make prioritization difficult

Hiring privacy people takes time, energy, and patience

WireWheel Privacy Operations Managed Services offers solutions for managing DSARs and Privacy Impact Assessments:

For DSAR Fulfillment

Implement WireWheel’s DSAR fulfillment software

  • Define DSAR fulfillment processes
  • Define fulfillment workflows and identify opportunities for automation
  • Configure WireWheel DSAR software platform with processes and workflows

Manage ongoing DSAR operations

  • Review initial request
  • Communicate with requestor when needed
  • Review Access reports for accuracy
  • Manage fulfillment process and report on outliers
  • Deliver report to consumer through secure portal

For Privacy Assessment Management

Implement WireWheel’s Privacy Impact Assessment software solution

  • Define organization structure/business processes for assessments
  • Define assessment owners and respondents
  • Define assessment template (from WireWheel’s standard template or from your own template)
  • Load assessment template into WireWheel
  • Define and Implement ROPA report

Manage ongoing DSAR operations

  • Build Assessment Support Guide
  • Issue, support and review one assessment per (x)
  • Follow up with respondents when needed
  • Deliver assessment findings report