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Automate and scale privacy, regardless of your company’s size and infrastructure

Technology designed to seamlessly plug into your company’s IT infrastructure and DevOps workflows

Learn more about our approach to make it easy for your company’s IT and developers to integrate privacy into products and DevOps workflows

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A Spectrum of Integration Options

Low-Code Solutions

WireWheel’s low-code or no-code solutions enable non-technical analysts to implement sophisticated process integrations without coding. A connector into the MuleSoft ecosystem, for example, enables a completely automated subject request to be built via a drag and drop user experience.


WireWheel has a robust and growing API surface area. On a detailed level, events can be initiated, questions answered, data collected and reports generated, all via standard REST APIs.

Functions as a Service

While APIs are powerful, they put the burden on the implementation team on orchestrating calls and codifying the necessary business logic. We have codified a number of common privacy activities into fully managed Functions as a Service which radically accelerate implementation of common activities.

With privacy regulations evolving quickly, IT is a critical partner to the Privacy Team to ensure privacy policies are implemented and your company remains compliant:

IT owns the systems and information flows that are critical to protecting personal data

IT can help to make sure that a privacy solution efficiently addresses compliance challenges

IT can ensure that any solutions fits within the technology stack at the company

A platform and architecture built to adapt to a company’s IT infrastructure


Leverage functionality from WireWheel to meet privacy challenges

Build WW into your product, and DevOps workflows:

Automatically fulfill customer data rights (DSAR) requests

Connect to your company’s applications. Automatically fulfill DSAR requests, reduce time and improve quality.

Integrate ‘Do Not Sell’ into your applications

With WW integration tools, build ‘Do Not Sell’ and other privacy applications directly into any application.

Kick off assessments based on status changes

Build privacy directly into your employees workflows and improve by automatically kicking off assessments when they are needed.

Surface New Data and New Applications

With the WireWheel MuleSoft Connector, surface to the privacy team any new fields or new applications automatically.

Over 500 low-code adapters including:

Solutions for any stage of your privacy journey

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