Intuitive Data Privacy Management

A central hub to quickly launch and grow your privacy program

Build a Robust Privacy Program. Fast.

Get up and running in minutes with pre-built templates and easy to configure workflows. Use technology to solve your problems, not create them!

Get compliant in minutes

Accelerate compliance with pre-built templates and workflows for EU GDPR, CCPA, Privacy Shield, LGPD and more.

Enable privacy-by-design

Empower people to build privacy into products and processes from the start.

Build fast and smart

Use WireWheel as a powerful orchestration layer for your privacy program by quickly integrating with existing processes and systems.
Data Inventory and Mapping
Privacy Assessment
Subject Rights Requests
Vendor Management
Data Discovery
and Classification

Make Privacy an Evergreen Part of Your Business Process

Automate daily privacy challenges with a simple to use and configurable platform where extended teams can easily collaborate.

Produce Required Privacy Documentation

Create assessments, RoPAs, and other reports that can be viewed and downloaded from within a browser. Share reports with consumers, customers, partners, and regulators to demonstrate privacy oversight and compliance.

Launch Surveys to Gather Information

Build privacy questionnaires with multiple question types and send specific questions to the right people automatically. Quickly integrate with your existing systems to automatically pull-in information. Set deadlines and track progress to make sure questions and tasks are completed.

Identify High-Risk Data Stores and Processes

Find which systems hold personal and sensitive data. See which data flows cross geographic borders and need extra oversight. Flag systems that aren’t encrypted to close security gaps. Apply risk scores and use them to trigger notifications and actions.

Discover and Classify Data

See what types of personal and sensitive data are inside your cloud and on-premise databases. Tap into systems they use to organize data and bring information into WireWheel so everyone has the same understanding.

Visualize Data Flows in a Rich Map

Put all information together in a geographic view. Draw data flow maps, add notes, and filter information so you can focus on what’s important. Update maps automatically as assets are moved, discovered or imported.

Measure, Report and Prioritize Risk

Apply risk scores based on automated discovery, survey answers, or types of requests. Set parameters to trigger notifications, review, or remediation. Easily create reports and share with internal teams, executives and auditors.

Know Your Data. Protect Customer Privacy. Get Ahead of Data Risks.