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Case Study

Using WireWheel, BBB National Programs delivers an innovative privacy certification service to improve vendor data privacy and security accountability

BBB National Programs leverages WireWheel’s Privacy Operations Manager (POM), which was built for data privacy compliance, accountability, and transparency

There is an amplifying effect between privacy as a service and privacy as a technology.
We couldn’t do what we do without the technology piece.

Josh Harris,
Director, Global Privacy Division,
BBB National Programs


Scalability and Simplicity 

With stakeholders ranging from SMBs to Fortune 100 companies – each with hundreds of vendors and potentially millions of consumers – BBB National Programs’ Global Privacy Division required a scalable, flexible platform to administer its privacy certification programs.


Enhancing Consumer Trust 

Certification requires participation in the BBB National Programs dispute resolution procedures for Privacy Rights Requests (DSARs) and other privacy inquiries.


BBB National Programs, focused on advancing business performance and trust, teamed with WireWheel to build their privacy certification service.

A Privacy and Data Security Certification Platform

The BBB National Programs’ Global Privacy Division was focused on delivering a service that was unique in scale, value, and scope. WireWheel’s Privacy Operations Manager provides the flexibility, throughput, and workflow logic needed for a third-party certification – out of the box. 

Complexity Made Simple

BBB National Programs’ participating companies, and their third parties can complete the survey and upload supporting documentation with the support of “Chat” features, help text, and other built-in guidance. The BBB National Programs’ workflow – including annual reviews – also happens on the platform, and upon completion, a detailed “Findings Report” is automatically generated.

Automating Solutions to Privacy Challenges

The Privacy Operations Manager Platform (POM) and WireWheel’s self-scaling infrastructure are engineered to automate solutions for critical privacy challenges. It allows an organization to quickly move off manual, back-office processes with a simple-to-use, fully configurable platform.

Designed to deploy and manage assessments, produce necessary privacy documentation, manage third-party risk, and capture critical KPIs, POM proved the ideal solution for the BBB National Programs’ independent certification service.

A New Service, A New Standard, A Proven Solution

WireWheel delivered a platform that allowed BBB National Programs Global Privacy Division to realize its vision of operationalizing accountability certification for privacy tied to internationally recognized standards.

The system you built for us facilitates something bigger than we could have done on our own.”

Josh Harris,
Director, Global Privacy Division,
BBB National Programs


Reduced costs of scaling certification program

Flexibility to create its own certification program questionnaire and reporting

Automation to operationalize compliance review

Scalability to grow the program to serve customers large and small

As privacy laws evolve and requirements for compliance certifications increase, companies will be better positioned for continuing success

Advance privacy, starting from any point

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