Retrieve Structured and Unstructured Data, Fulfill DSARs, and Save Time

WireWheel’s Integration with Microsoft Priva Speeds Secure and Accurate Responses to Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs)


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Automate the process of finding and retrieving personal data – ensuring more thorough results, saving employees thousands of hours, and making Data Subject Access Rights (DSAR) fulfillment easier

Eliminate the time-consuming process of retrieving personal data to fulfill DSAR requests for data stored in Microsoft Priva

Accept DSAR requests

Stand up WireWheel’s secure, multilingual portal, enabling people to make Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs). Verify the person’s identity.

Retrieve personal data from Microsoft Priva

Automatically trigger a process to retrieve personal data in Microsoft Priva. Review the data and redact/annotate it if necessary. Push the information to WireWheel.

Secure Delivery

WireWheel aggregates all of the data on the requester and delivers a final report to a secure, encrypted portal.

WireWheel with Microsoft Priva integration – efficiently manage DSARs

Securely manage DSARs end-to-end

With WireWheel and Microsoft Priva, manage Data Subject Access Requests from intake to monitoring to fulfillment to delivery.

Ensure an accurate and thorough response

Leverage the integration to search unstructured and structured data and know that you are delivering a thorough response.

Automatically retrieve personal data from Microsoft Priva

WireWheel aggregates data from Microsoft Priva and other sources of personal data and delivers the information to the requester.