Explaining AI: How To Implement “Explainability” in Emerging Global AI/ML Regulations

Featured Speakers

Lee Matheson
Policy Counsel, Global Privacy
Future of Privacy Forum
Dr. Sara R. Jordan
Senior Researcher, Artificial Intelligence and Ethics
Future of Privacy Forum
Renato Leite Monteiro
Data Privacy Brasil
Christina Montgomery
Vice President & Chief Privacy Officer
IBM Corporation

This panel will focus on the emerging principle of “explainability” in regulations that deal with AI and automated decision making technologies. Panelists will discuss how to implement “explainability” in practice, as it is a common transparency requirement under both AI self-regulatory frameworks and prescriptive proposals like the EU AI Act, and a particularly challenging task for many privacy and compliance personnel.

This panel will, for privacy professionals in the space, explore best practices for determining content to be included in AI disclosures, where such AI-specific disclosures should be made, and strategies for how to describe complex technologies in accordance with transparency and intelligibility requirements.