IAPP Webinar Replay

How to Measure Privacy’s Impact

Anna Zeiter



Rick Buck



Aaron Weller

Co-Founder & President

Sentinel Consulting

To get funding and support, privacy teams need to continually showcase their value to executive management. One of the best ways to do that is by creating and reporting on metrics that are meaningful to your business.

But getting started can be overwhelming. Which metrics are important? How do you know you are having an impact? How do you make sure that the selected metrics clearly tie back to our company goals? How many metrics should your Privacy team track on a weekly, monthly, quarterly basis?

During this webinar learn from eBay CPO, Anna Zeiter, WireWheel CPO, Rick Buck, and Sentinel Consulting Co-Founder and President, Aaron Weller, about the metrics they track and what they share with their executive team to show the true value add of a Privacy team.

During this webinar, you will learn practical tips on:

  • Where should you start and what you should aspire to
  • The technology you should have in place to start tracking
  • How you can automate the process of generating metrics
  • How to leverage the tools and metrics that other teams are tracking
  • Defining a process to set your goals and structure your supporting metrics