Webinar Replay

Privacy Leadership Demands More Than Minimum Compliance

Justin Antonipillai

Founder and CEO


Steve Wright

CEO and Partner

Privacy Culture

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) kicked off a tidal wave of privacy regulations around the world. This year’s California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) impacts 40 million Americans and companies that wish to do business with them.

Many companies are focused on meeting minimum compliance requirements. But trying to define a “minimum viable” privacy strategy is impossible in a sea of constant change.

In 2020, amendments to CCPA, coming regulations like California’s Privacy Rights and Enforcement Act (CPREA), and laws in other states will define new privacy requirements. Global companies will also need to adjust to changing laws worldwide. Therefore, the only way for forward-looking privacy leaders to prepare for the future is by building scalable privacy programs with the flexibility to evolve.

Watch the webinar replay to hear privacy experts’ advice on the changing privacy landscape and on evolving your privacy program beyond a “minimum viable” solution.

We covered:

  • The minimum you need to do to comply with CCPA, including Do Not Sell and Subject Rights Requests
  • What to expect from CCPA amendments and future privacy regulations
  • How to build a flexible and robust privacy program that adapts to change