WireWheel and TeachPrivacy Webinar Replay

Is Web3 Privacy Compliant?

Featured Speakers

Justin Antonipillai
CEO and Founder
Daniel J. Solove
President and CEO
Colin Rooney
Arthur Cox

Blockchain, crypto and the other technologies that power Web3 promise a world in which governance over data is decentralized. No central bank altering rates, no bank charging fees, no title company controlling ownership. However, the decentralization implicit in Web3 creates problems with modern privacy laws. Who is the controller in Bitcoin? How can I request that my purchase history of Dogecoin is deleted when the blockchain is designed to be immutable? Does the record of an NFT purchase constitute personal information?

WireWheel CEO Justin Antonipillai joins TeachPrivacy CEO Daniel Solove and Colin Rooney, Partner at Arthur Cox, to talk about whether Web3 is privacy compliant and what privacy officers need to consider when evaluating Web3 for their business.