Webinar Replay

Building a System for “Do Not Sell” and SRRs under CCPA – To Build or Buy

Justin Antonipillai

Founder and CEO


Bill Schaumann

Director of Data Privacy

ACA Aponix

We are now a few months into CCPA, and the final regulations are coming in the next few weeks. Companies now have a few months of experience under CCPA, and are constantly facing the question of whether to build their own solutions, purchase off-the-shelf products, or some combination of these approaches.

Even for companies who have built some of the solution themselves, the questions come up of how to maintain the system, how to onboard systems, and how to off-board systems.

Watch the webinar replay to hear about experiences within the first few months of CCPA, and the way forward to implement and maintain the right systems under the regulation.

We covered:

  • Lessons from the first two months of CCPA.
  • The pros and cons of building your own bespoke privacy program.
  • What questions businesses are asking around the build-versus-buy discussion.
  • How to determine which solution will work best for your organization.