Universal Preference and Consent Platform

Don’t Let Your Customers’ Preference Become a $1 Million Issue

Communicate with Consumers How They Prefer

Customers’ preferences and consents are integral to your business operations. Give your customers the ability to communicate with you through the channels they prefer. Whether it’s email, SMS, or other digital channels, ensure that you are providing customers with an optimal experience and building trust.

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A complete solution to managing customers’ consents and preferences

Collect consumer choices across your brands and devices

Easily set up and manage consumers' consents and preferences across multiple brands and channels. Honor the do not sell signal from the Global Privacy Control (GPC).

Aggregate choices to a single source of truth

Take consumer choices, aggregate and disseminate them throughout your martech stack.

Market confidently

Feel confident that you are reaching out to consumers in the way they prefer and in a privacy-compliant way. View and analyze customer choices.

Build Trust With Consumers

  • Embed a consumer-facing module to put your customers in control of how their personal data is used, including a customizable first-time user experience
  • Reconcile consumer consent and preference across multiple channels and brands
  • Stay compliant with evolving data privacy regulations in the U.S. and around the world
  • Honor the Global Privacy Control (GPC) signal

Turn Data Into Insights

  • Gain visibility into opt-ins and opt-outs across multiple brands and channels
  • View opt-ins and opt-outs by geography
  • Customize to fit your organizational structure and needs

Integrate and Optimize

  • Set up and configure WireWheel’s Universal Preference and Consent Platform (UPCP) quickly
  • Integrate with your existing Martech Stack to sync consent and preference selections across systems
  • Spot trends, patterns, and behaviors that enable you to take strategic action and grow your first-party data