Spring Into Privacy

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Clean Rooms

Monday, April 3

Clean rooms have emerged as a promising solution for brands looking to connect with trusted data partners while managing sensitive customer data in a privacy-first era. With the looming post-cookie future, clean rooms offer a collaborative technology for organizations to run advanced analytics across their key customer touchpoints and channels.

However, concerns remain about the inconsistent approach among providers, unclear privacy protections, and insufficient personally identifiable information. The industry needs to develop further regulatory and ethical standards for clean room operation to align with existing norms and industry standards.

Despite the challenges, data-savvy organizations are investing in clean rooms, and this session will provide insights into best practices for ensuring data security, compliance, and control while enabling risk-free data sharing.

Andy Dale

General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer


Susan Rohol

SVP and Chief Privacy Officer

Warner Brothers Discovery

Julia Shullman



Healthcare Enforcement Cases: GoodRx And BetterHelp

Monday, April 3

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has recently taken enforcement action against both GoodRx and BetterHelp for their handling of sensitive health information.

GoodRx has been accused of failing to report unauthorized disclosure of consumer health data, while BetterHelp has been accused of deceptive marketing practices and violating data tracking and health privacy regulations. Both companies have been fined, BetterHelp $2.2. million and GoodRx $1.5 million. They are required to implement stronger privacy and data security measures.

These cases emphasize the importance of safeguarding sensitive health information and complying with data privacy regulations to protect consumers.

Ronnie Solomon


Federal Trade Commission, Division of Privacy and Identity Protection

Lisa Goldstein

Information Privacy Specialist

Department of Health and Human Services

Enforcement In Europe

Monday, April 3

Lead Enforcement for Ireland

Cian O'Brien

Director - Deputy Commissioner

Data Protection Commission Ireland

Anna Morgan


Bird & Bird

Generative AI

Monday, April 3

As generative AI tools, like ChatGPT, continue to gain popularity, concerns about privacy and data protection have also arisen. Our panel features three distinguished experts in the field of privacy and generative AI who will explore the legal, technical, and ethical challenges related to the use of AI systems.

Throughout the discussion, our panelists will share their experiences and insights into the complex landscape of privacy, data protection, and generative AI. We will explore the legal and regulatory requirements that must be considered, as well as the technical and ethical considerations of implementing AI systems.

Our panelists will also discuss the efforts being made by regulators around the world to address the challenges related to the use of AI systems. We will discuss the EU’s AI Act, the US National Institute of Standards and Technology’s AI Risk Management Framework, and the California Privacy Protection Agency’s upcoming rulemaking on automated decision making under state law.

Justin Antonipillai

Founder and CEO


Karolina Mojzesowicz

Deputy Head of Unit Data Protection

European Commission

Privacy Predictions

Monday, April 3

Justin Antonipillai

Founder and CEO


Omer Tene



Shannon Yavorsky



Updates On The EU-US Data Privacy Framework

Monday, April 3

A risk-based approach was an innovation promised by policymakers. Risk-based meant the likelihood and magnitude of adverse outcomes on people related to the processing of their data. Yet privacy regulators and courts ​often discount ​risk analysis ​that is not directly tied to individual autonomy, transparency, or the ability to exercise data subject rights, negatively impacting innovative data uses.

Join us for this session​ where we will show examples of how companies can leverage a risk-based approach to manage their privacy program.

Bruno Gencarelli

Director for Fundamental Rights and Rule of Law (Acting)

DG Justice and Consumers at European Commission

Alex Greenstein

Director - Privacy Shield

U.S. Department of Commerce