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Spokes 2020

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Day 1 Sessions - June 17

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The Privacy Leaders’ Perspective – Hot Topics of the Day

If anyone has their finger on the pulse of the ever-changing privacy landscape, it’s this group of privacy leaders. Keith Enright, Chief Privacy Officer at Google, Julie Brill, Corporate Vice President and Deputy General Counsel at Microsoft, Bruno Gencarelli, Head of International Data Flows and Protection Unit at the European Commission, and Justin Antonipillai, CEO of WireWheel, will share their thoughts on the next wave of privacy regulations and advice for privacy teams addressing them.


COVID-19, Re-Opening, and Privacy “I Heard Bob Has COVID!”

The COVID pandemic has, in a few short months changed the conversation about privacy. Not least of which, the now urgent need to deploy contact tracing technologies in order to protect public health raises significant privacy challenges. The panel will discuss these new concerns, and how the privacy debate shifts as the world gets back to a ‘new normal’.


Privacy in Marketing: What Will Our World Look Like in 3 Years

The Adtech industry has swelled as marketing’s appetite for data has grown on the back of massive opportunities for personalization and targeting. But, what do constraints such as the removal of third party cookies really mean? What course corrections are needed in the new landscape of CCPAs DSAR and Do Not Sell? More importantly where are the new opportunities? Where do trust and personalization meet and which takes precedent?



Day 2 Sessions - June 18

European Data Protection – COVID and Privacy, Shrems II, and GDPR Update in an Hour or Less

There is no shortage of critical privacy issues coming up day-to-day in the current environment , and this panel will tackle some of the most important privacy issues of the day in Europe.


The Innovation Revolution, the Explosion of Data, and What it Means for National Security and Privacy

Innovation and data collection by startups has changed where countries look for data collection. For example, some countries now require data to be shared in order to do business, and countries can collect more information, faster, by looking to privacy sector sources. In this session, our experts will talk about current national security events, data collection, and how National Security and Intelligence Agencies can collaborate with the privacy sector to balance security, privacy, and the basic human rights of the people they are serving.


Privacy Leaders Panel

These times have really challenged our community. When our companies are facing make-it-or break-it decisions, how do we keep privacy on the agenda? When the health and safety of our teams becomes the biggest issue, how do we make sure we are thinking about ways to accommodate their ethical and privacy issues. What else should we be thinking about this year? Privacy Leaders Ruby Zefo (CPO of Uber) Michael McCullough (CPO of Macy’s), and Barbara Lawler (CPO of Looker) lead this discussion on leadership for our community.


Technology and Privacy Protection: What Does “Automation” Mean?

We all read about ways in which we can bring technology to our privacy world, but where are we seeing real progress? For example, when companies “automate” privacy programs, what does that mean? When companies say that they can “integrate” or bring “artificial intelligence” or “bots” to privacy, what are they doing? Are people really necessary for privacy protection? Privacy and Technology leaders Dan Frank (Deloitte), Zac Murphy (T-Mobile), and Justin Antonipillai (WireWheel) lead this discussion for our community.


We Invest In Privacy Technology – Here’s How We See The Privacy Space

Venture Capital has been investing heavily in the privacy space over the last few years, and that has driven real growth in privacy technology. In this session, Venture Capital investors who have invested in the privacy and data protection space give their insights on the space, and how they see it.


Closing Keynote

Protecting Civil Rights and Human Rights in a Time of Crises