How WireWheel and AWS Power Under Armour’s Privacy Program



The Challenge

  • Collecting, processing and storing large amounts of sensitive personal data.
  • Centralized visibility into their privacy program.
  • Achieving compliance at scale now and in the future.
  • Managing vendors.
  • Tracking where data is stored and where it’s processed, across UnderArmour’s AWS services, including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).


The Solution

With WireWheel and AWS, Under Armour was able to launch with immediate project management ROI by:

  • Assessing more than 200 third-party vendors (a process that could have taken years).
  • Elevating the profile of the privacy function throughout the company.
  • Seamlessly integrating WireWheel into their AWS deployment and scaling it across environments.
  • Providing visibility into personal data flows.
  • Deploying projects to hundreds of vendors.
  • Fully mapping their data stores and processing locations.



“We explored a number of privacy solutions and WireWheel was the clear choice. Its innovative and thoughtful approach to a complex challenge is one that has delivered centralized visibility and game-changing efficiencies at a very competitive price. The central data mapping feature has also delivered some unexpected returns on the investment, making the whole relationship with WireWheel a value driver, not only to our privacy program, but to the business at large.”

Toke Vandervoort

VP, Deputy General Counsel, UNDER ARMOUR