Dos and Don’ts of Managing Subject Rights Request Forms Under SAR Compliance

Subject Access Requests – or, in CCPA parlance, “verifiable consumer requests” – can be tricky to handle. Mismanaging the Subject Access Request process increases your risk of a data breach and your potential liability.

When building your privacy program, it’s not enough to focus on responsiveness. How you architect the subject access request process is equally as important. To help, we’ve put together this guide of the five most important Dos and Don’ts to managing Subject Access Requests. Fill out the form and download your free copy now.

Mitigate Risk

WireWheel helps you create a secure and streamlined process to manage subject rights requests — one that doesn’t depend on email or manual processes that expose you to data losses, regulatory and trust risk.

Save Time and Money

The WireWheel Platform lets you leverage automation and pre-configured workflows to free up valuable time and resources, and reduce the costs associated with subject access request program management and fulfillment.

Stay Ahead of Regulations

We’ve combined years of experience, industry best practices, and continuing conversations with regulators, business leaders, and other experts into a Subject Access Request Guide that remains up to date through ongoing agile development and SAR compliance.