Digital Marketing in the Age of CCPA

For many marketers, Facebook’s blunt stop to ad retargeting via Facebook Limited Data Usage (Facebook LDU) was a shock to the pipeline. While the “off switch” was turned back on, advertisers are now confused about what they need to do to adhere to privacy rules while continuing to drive revenue.

Privacy compliance doesn’t have to be a marketing roadblock. You can seize it as an opportunity to demonstrate responsible data stewardship and build consumer trust in your brand.

This eBook takes an honest look at your marketing options and opportunities in a privacy-centric world, including:

  • Interactions with consumers on your website and via Data Subject Access Requests.
  • Data operations including management of first-party and third-party cookies.
  • Use of personal data in MarTech and AdTech platforms.
  • Retargeting strategies for Facebook and other advertising platforms that maintain your marketing pipeline.

Get your copy to learn the essential building blocks of a positive privacy experience that creates long-term value for your consumers and your company.