Universal Preference and Consent Platform

Help ensure your company markets compliantly and builds consumer trust

With WireWheel’s Universal Preference and Consent Platform (UPCP), collect the consents required by privacy regulations while also collecting consumer marketing preferences.

Our platform is built by privacy experts who understand the importance of data privacy compliance.

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A complete solution to managing customers’ consents

Collect required consents

Easily set up and manage consumer consents and preferences across multiple brands and channels. Use standard out-of-the-box compliance choices for all state laws. Honor the Global Privacy Control (GPC) signal.

Feel confident that the right consents are being collected

Privacy teams can create and govern the company’s legally required consumer choices across channels.

Monitor and create a compliance record

Generate a standardized compliance record for every device and every consumer.

Comply With Regulations

  • Gain visibility into opt-ins and opt-outs across multiple brands, channels, and geographies
  • Customize to fit your organizational structure and needs
  • View and export audit trails

Manage Consents

  • Embed a consumer-facing module to put your customers in control of how their personal data is used, including a customizable first-time user experience
  • Reconcile consumer consent and preference inconsistencies across multiple channels and brands
  • Stay compliant with evolving data privacy regulations in the U.S. and around the world
  • Honor the Global Privacy Control (GPC) signal

Sync Across Your Martech Stack

  • Set up and configure WireWheel UPCP quickly
  • Integrate with your existing martech stack and cookie consent solution tools to sync consent and preference selections across systems
  • Spot trends, patterns, and behaviors that enable you to manage compliance risk