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WireWheel + Mulesoft: Integrated Application Networks to Accelerate Privacy Compliance


Increasingly stringent privacy laws underscore the importance of proactive data management. WireWheel customers are adopting new models for data management that protect consumer privacy while making operations more efficient. As part of that effort, privacy and IT teams are collaborating closely to manage, protect, and report on their organization’s data.

WireWheel and Mulesoft have teamed up to help privacy and IT teams work together more effectively. The combination of WireWheel’s privacy management software and Mulesoft’s application integration platform gives both privacy and IT teams more visibility and control over the management of personal data.

The Challenge of Data Silos for Privacy Managers

How many IT systems do you think house personal data in your organization? 10? 20? 100?

The average enterprise has data in 900 different systems, according to MuleSoft’s 2020 Connectivity Benchmark Report. Personal, consumer data often resides in a variety of applications:

  • Customer Relationship Management Platforms (CRMs), such as Salesforce.com, typically include names and contact information, as well as purchase history.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, such as Oracle or SAP, typically include financial information.
  • Human resource management systems, such as Oracle or Workday, include personal data of employees such as social security numbers, salary information, insurance information, and more.
  • Marketing Automation systems, such as Marketo, Pardot, and Hubspot, include contact information, IP addresses, as well as observed online behavior indicating buying preferences.
  • Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), such as Tealium, Segment, Heap, and Lytics, include product user behavior and preferences, both explicit and observable.
  • Legacy or custom applications may be built for internal or external use and could contain a wide range of sensitive and personally identifiable information.

Unfortunately, two-thirds of those 900 systems don’t talk to one another. In many organizations, data is trapped in silos, leading to inconsistent and redundant information.

Compounding the issue, business teams often license web-based applications or cloud services directly, without IT’s knowledge or oversight. In fact, most IT leaders wrongly believe their organization has only around 30 web applications in use, according to McAfee. When IT and privacy teams don’t know about applications, they can’t ensure they meet compliance requirements to protect personal data.

As a result, multiple lines of business have their own views of personal data. Any Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) or Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) must rely on input from multiple teams and then information must be consolidated and confirmed. Any change to data must be made multiple times in multiple systems.

Mulesoft Connects Applications, Data, and Devices Within an Enterprise Data Ecosystem

Over 175,000 developers and leading companies in almost every industry are using Mulesoft to streamline data management, instead of connecting applications through custom connections or isolated architectures, With Mulesoft, all systems connect in one data hub for a holistic, 360 degree view of consumers’ personal data that stays up to date.

If your organization already has Mulesoft in place, privacy teams can easily retrieve, delete and monitor personal data usage with WireWheel.

Privacy Activities Leverage the Mulesoft Data Hub

Enterprises that use Mulesoft to integrate applications have an exceptional opportunity to streamline privacy operations and accelerate privacy compliance.

DSAR Fulfillment

With the passage of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), consumer data requests are expected to increase exponentially.

Each time a consumer subjects a Data Subject Access Request, your organization must respond quickly and accurately. Access requests require checking multiple systems and applications, likely owned and managed by different groups. Deletion and opt-out requests require changing data in multiple systems and making sure that data isn’t overwritten by subsequent processes. Results of all requests must be tracked and provided back to consumers in a consolidated, human-readable format.

When conducted manually, each step in the DSAR process increases cost, time, and risk of getting it wrong.

By integrating WireWheel’s privacy management platform into the Mulesoft data hub, you can gather relevant information from a single source of truth and provide information back to consumers knowing it’s complete and accurate. Data can be retrieved and requests can be fulfilled automatically, saving time and lowering costs.

Learn More About WireWheel and Mulesoft

If your organization is already using Mulesoft’s API, integrating WireWheel is simple. You can get up and running quickly so you can start seeing measurable improvements to your privacy operations right away. Contact the WireWheel team to learn more about how the two solutions work together.