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WireWheel DSAR Connector for Drupal & WordPress


As new privacy laws continue to emerge in the United States, businesses are looking for increasingly straightforward ways to support consumers’ appetite for privacy. WireWheel is excited to announce the launch of our first set of WireWheel integrations for Drupal and WordPress. These connectors make it easier than ever to integrate data subject intake requests (DSAR) intake forms into your existing user privacy experience.


As DSAR requirements continue to be upheld under laws like CCPA, CPRA, and GDPR, privacy teams can anticipate similar requirements to emerge with new passing legislation.

The open-source WireWheel connectors allow organizations to seamlessly integrate WireWheel’s Privacy Studio for DSAR intake directly into their existing WordPress or Drupal websites. Setting up and launching the WireWheel DSAR Connector for a WordPress or Drupal site is simple, fast, and easy.

DSAR Connector Benefits

  1. Plug & Play Integration
    Enables a simple and easy integration with WireWheel’s DSAR management solution (Trust Access and Consent Center) to any existing Drupal and WordPress websites
  2. Fully Integrated User Experience
    Take full control over how DSAR request intake forms are displayed to users and integrated with your existing website experience.
  3. Flexibility & Control
    Provides full control and flexibility over the DSAR intake user experience on your website

Who can use the WireWheel Connector?

The WireWheel Connector can be used by anyone who has a Drupal or WordPress website and has purchased the WireWheel Trust Access & Consent product for data subject access requests (DSAR). The connector itself is free and open-source but requires a WireWheel subscription to utilize its functionality.

DSAR Connector Features

Once installed and configured onto a website, WireWheel’s DSAR Connector offers Drupal and WordPress users these key features:

  • Easy integration with WireWheel’s Trust Access and Consent Center for DSAR automation, processing, and management
  • Fully customizable intake forms to fit your needs (styling, placement, number of forms, supplemental content, etc)
  • Unlimited creation & placement of forms to handle complex flows, multi-form processes and regional intake requirements

Taking advantage of the power of the WireWheel data subject access request management is now easier than ever for customers who are using Drupal or WordPress.