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What is Global Privacy Control and Why is it Important?


In the age of digital marketing, understanding global privacy control (GPC) is now more important than ever. The Global Privacy Control (GPC) signal allows an individual to define their preferences on a single browser so that participating websites can automate privacy browsing preferences across the web from a single place. Let’s take a closer look at GPC and why it’s so important for businesses to understand how it affects their operations.

As a website owner, how do I integrate the GPC Signal into my website or application?

Integrating the Global Privacy Control (GPC) signal with your website will vary based on your marketing stack. In most cases, the GPC signal will be a means to automate a user’s privacy preferences without having to interrupt their user experience on your website. There are a few ways this can be accomplished:

  1. Consent Management – Automating a user’s consent decision to prevent the firing of pixels and tags that collect or track user information is a primary use case of the Global Privacy Control. As a website owner, you can listen for this signal and respect the users’ consent decision without the need for banners and complex forms.
  2. Data Collection & Processing – For organizations that collect user information, the GPC signal can be incorporated into your forms and passed through to your backend systems so that they understand how this information can be used based on the user’s privacy preferences.

What does GPC mean for businesses and do I need to worry about it?

After the Sephora decision, it is expected that businesses take into account automated signals like the Global Privacy Control giving users a chance to express their consent before trackers are set. For businesses, this means that companies need to ensure the GPC signal is being considered before data collection occurs so you are not collecting any information from consumers without their consent.

In today’s digital world, understanding and respecting Global Privacy Control is essential for organizations to remain compliant with the latest regulations on consumer privacy protection.

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