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Save Time and Money with Privacy Program Automation


Where does personal data reside? In most companies, it lives in technology silos.

Databases, servers, applications, zip files, and more house structured and unstructured data and are managed with inconsistent processes. What’s more, data exists in repositories that are off your radar, so you can’t even check how they’re managed.

So, when you need to find data related to a specific consumer, what do you do? It’s so painstaking to match up disparate consumer identities across multiple systems and formats that many companies don’t even try.

Traditionally, companies have relied on interviews and surveys to build personal data inventories. However, reliance on data recollections, as opposed to actual records, lacks accuracy, detail, identity-orientation, and change awareness. Therefore, when privacy teams attempt to create a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) or respond to a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR), they may only provide partial information, or avoid supplying any information at all.

Automation Accelerates Response Time and Improves Accuracy

You can improve data governance and control with automated tools for identity management, data discovery, and cataloging. By indexing data across multiple systems using consistent definitions and categories, you can match consumer identities and build an accurate account of personal data.

“You need to be able to locate not just explicitly personal information (PII), but also contextually personal information (PI),” says Dimitri Sirota, CEO of BigID. “Things like location data, clickstream data, birthdays, gender, and credentials,” that could be connected to an individual. Once you locate this personal data, you also must determine who it belongs to, categorize it and inventory it.

With this information at your fingertips, you can streamline your privacy management activities. Instead of manual compilation and reporting, automated privacy processes can connect to a current data repository and enable cookie management, DSAR request management, RoPAs, and DPIAs.

Integrate Multiple Technologies for Comprehensive Privacy Management

“There’s no silver bullet to solve all your privacy challenges,” adds WireWheel CEO Justin Antonipillai. “For a comprehensive solution that helps you manage all the intricacies of a privacy program, it’s best to connect best-in-class technologies that specialize in different aspects of privacy management and data governance.”

That’s why WireWheel and BigID have teamed up.

Through the BigID partnership, you can automatically find, discover, and identify consumers’ personal data on BigID, and fully orchestrate the verification, collection, deletion, review, and delivery of data across dozens to hundreds of systems using WireWheel. As a central hub for privacy management, WireWheel enables you to build privacy Trust Centers and fulfill DSARs to optimize the consumer privacy experience. WireWheel helps you create a privacy center of excellence to improve efficiency and collaboration among your internal teams.

To see how privacy automation is helping companies, watch our recent webinar: How to Save Time and Money on Your Privacy Program with the Right Privacy Technology and Expertise and learn more about the expanding WireWheel and BigID partnership.