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Privacy Law Update: September 19, 2022


Rick Buck Chief Privacy Officer

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Newsworthy Updates

U.S. Chamber Testimony at FTC Data Privacy Open Forum

Washington, D.C. – Jordan Crenshaw, Vice President, U.S. Chamber Technology Engagement Center, testified before the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) data privacy rulemaking open forum.

FTC Privacy Rulemaking Forum Brings Industry, Advocate Views To The Forefront

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission said it would follow the letter of the law when it announced its Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking concerning commercial surveillance and lax data security in August, which meant a robust stakeholder consultation to come. That process began in earnest with an exchange of perspectives from relevant parties at the FTC’s virtual public forum on Sept. 8.

How Does Data Governance Affect Data Security And Privacy?

While it’s important to implement processes and procedures that safeguard data security and privacy, you can also focus on more strategic data governance goals.

Privacy Legislation

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