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Retrieve Unstructured Data and Save Time With WireWheel’s M365 Integration


Privacy Laws continue to proliferate across the globe. Many of these laws, including the European Union’s GDPR, require companies to provide customers and employees access to their personal data.  Many companies have unstructured personal data covered by laws such as GDPR in applications in Microsoft 365.

Before the M365/WireWheel integration, collecting, reviewing, and producing information from M365 could be very time-consuming as the process of retrieving personal data required a manual search into each Microsoft service.  The easy-to-deploy Microsoft 365 compliance center and WireWheel integration automates the process of finding and retrieving personal data – ensuring more thorough results, saving employees thousands of hours, and making Data Subject Access Rights (DSAR) fulfillment easier.

WireWheel + Microsoft 365 – How it works

  1. Using an intake form generated by WireWheel’s Trust Access and Consent Center, an employee, former employee, or customer makes a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) to view the personal data that a company has stored on them.
  2. Once a DSAR has been received, WireWheel automatically triggers a process to retrieve that data in Microsoft 365. Within the Microsoft 365 compliance center console, a reviewer can view the data that has been retrieved and redact/annotate it if necessary. Once the review is complete, a report is generated and pushed into WireWheel.
  3. The WireWheel platform aggregates all of the data on the requestor from all of the company’s systems and delivers a final report to a secure, encrypted portal where the requestor can access it.

Save money, save time and ensure compliance with WireWheel + Microsoft 365.


Efficiently fulfill DSAR requests with WireWheel and M365


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