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Make It Easy For Consumers to Opt-Out


The California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) is designed to give consumers more control over their personal data. Businesses must provide consumers with the ability to opt-out of the share and sale of their personal data. If your website collects and/or sells user information, you must make it easy for them to opt-out. In this blog, we’ll explain what you need to do in order to make sure your website is compliant with CPRA’s opt-out requirements.

The CPRA requires companies that handle consumer data must provide a clear and conspicuous link on their website titled “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” or “Do Not Sell My Info”.

As a marketer, you must create an effective preference and consent process. Simply, you must provide an area on your website for consumers to opt-out. This area must be easy to find and consumers need to be allowed to ask questions without creating an account.

The CPRA was put into place in order to give consumers more control over how their personal data is used by businesses online. As such, businesses must make it easy for customers to exercise their rights. By following these simple steps, marketers can ensure that they are doing all they can to remain compliant with CPRA while also protecting themselves and their company, and giving consumers more control over how their personal data is used online.

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