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Digital Marketing and Privacy Leaders:

One of the latest developments in the privacy landscape is the Global Privacy Control (GPC), which is now required under California law (the CCPA). The GPC is a simple and effective way for consumers to signal their privacy preferences to websites they visit, by setting their sharing choices in their browsers.

In fact, it’s essential for consumer brands companies to add the GPC to their websites as soon as possible.  One brand (Sephora) recently faced a $1.2 million fine for failing to provide the GPC opt-out for consumers.

Consumer brands should get GPC onto their websites fast, and now there is a fast and easy way to do it.

To help companies comply with CCPA, WireWheel is offering a new free 30-day trial that includes GPC.

With WireWheel, you can easily deploy the GPC and ensure compliance with CCPA in minutes.  Configure and brand your consumer choice center in minutes, and embed the GPC and your Consumer center in a single line of code.

Our WireWheel Team will be standing by to help! WireWheel is the fastest and most efficient way to deploy GPC, and protect your marketing program.


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