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This offer is available to new WireWheel customers and is valid until June 1st, 2021.

Privacy Management Simplified


You got 99 problems but privacy ain’t one. Simplify, structure, and automate privacy-by-design with WireWheel.

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About WireWheel

Data Inventory

Understand where you are storing and processing personal data, what personal data you are sharing with vendors & partners and, automate the on-going management of your data inventory

Data Discovery

Understand what personal data you have collected, observed, stored and processed. Find and classify data faster, more accurately, and efficiently.


Empower collaboration, flag data relevant to GDPR and CCPA, map data flows and business processes, and offer a secure environment to deliver DSAR responses to your customers.

Privacy Assessments

Automate and manage your privacy assessment process with ease, speed, and security.

Vendor Assessments

Know your vendors and partners before you share personal data with them. Stand up a vendor assessment portal easily and securely.

Know Your Data. Protect Customer Privacy. Get Ahead of Data Risks.