Compare global privacy regulations quickly.

Privacy Assessment Management

Identify privacy risks, prioritize actions, and create required documentation for every system and process that impacts personal data.

Gather critical information from people and systems to manage a small or large volume of assessments effectively and efficiently.

WireWheel combines information collected through internal and third-party surveys with information gathered via integrations with your technical stack.
Simple and intuitive

Non-technical users can easily build and configure assessments with a variety of question types.

Built for collaboration

Work together to understand the context of data-related processes and systems.

Advanced automation

Trigger follow up actions such as additional assessments, reviews or approvals.

Create Privacy Impact Assessments, Privacy Threshold Assessments, Data Protection Impact Assessments, and Records of Processing Activities

Cut time and lower risk by leveraging pre-built templates, powerful API automation, and flexible task management and reassignment.

Jumpstart assessments using pre-built templates and automated workflows

Our privacy experts designed assessment templates for GDPR, CCPA, Privacy Shield and more and update them as requirements evolve. You can also import your own surveys and leverage powerful APIs to pull in data automatically.

Visibility and oversight for the privacy team

Create consistent questions to be created automatically whenever a new project is initiated or a certain region impacted. You can be alerted when assessments are launched or certain questions are answered, so you’re aware of new privacy-related concerns and can increase oversight.

Quickly assess risks to trigger follow-up questions and workflows

Get a global view of risk with actionable reports you can configure and share directly in your browser. We’ll flag issues so you can create remediation workflows, set timelines and automate reminders and reviews.

Know Your Data. Protect Customer Privacy. Get Ahead of Data Risks.